Gold-Fill Vs. Gold Plated: Your Guide To Buying Quality Bridal Jewellery

A close up of a model showcasing pearl bridal earrings handmade by local designer Love Story Atelier in gold and freshwater pearl.

Choosing your bridal earrings and accessories is an exciting part of your journey to the aisle. At Love Story Atelier, we are committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible so we've crafted this guide to help you understand the main types of gold jewellery available.


Navigating the marketplace for bridal earrings and jewellery in general can be challenging due to the array of terms used to describe the varying quality. While many brands are transparent about the origins and composition of their pieces, some are not as forthcoming. For reputable brands, high-quality pieces are a point of pride, and they readily share this information.


At Love Story Atelier, our dedication extends to the careful selection of our materials. Quality is important to us as we understand that your bridal look is more than just an outfit – it's a symbol of love and enduring memories. By creating pieces that transcend trends, we hope you can revisit the magic of your wedding day whenever you wear them.

Our pearl bridal earrings are available in 14k Gold-Fill, and for most designs, Sterling Silver is also an option.
A diagram illustrating the different types of gold in the marketplace when purchasing bridal jewellery and pearl earrings eg. plated vs solid gold.
Gold-filled jewellery offers a cost-effective and more durable alternative to solid gold jewellery. It provides a genuine Gold appearance and is regulated to ensure quality. 
Composition: Gold-filled jewellery is made by bonding a layer of solid gold (typically 10k or higher) to a base metal core. This bonding process is achieved through heat and pressure, creating a permanent bond between the two metals. Here at LS we exclusively use 14k in all of our pieces.

Gold Percentage: Gold-filled jewellery must contain at least 5% Gold by weight. This means that a significant portion of the piece is composed of genuine Gold, which gives it a more genuine appearance and durability compared to Gold-plated jewellery.

Durability: The thicker layer of Gold makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear than Gold-plated pieces. It can withstand everyday use and can last for many years with proper care.

Tarnish Resistance: Gold-filled jewellery is less likely to tarnish or discolour compared to Gold-plated items because of the thicker gold layer.

Hypoallergenic: Gold-filled jewellery is hypoallergenic and well-suited for all skin types, ensuring both beauty and comfort.

Regulation: Gold-filled jewellery is subject to stricter regulations compared to gold-plated jewellery. These regulations ensure that the Gold layer adheres to certain quality standards, which gives consumers more confidence in the product's authenticity and quality.
Explore our collection of pearl bridal earrings, where quality, craftsmanship, and elegance meet to create timeless pieces for your special day.

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